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Butchery & Deli Projects

In common with other industries the refrigeration & air conditioning sector is constantly evolving.

Emergent technologies are driven by the quest for improved energy efficiencies and heightened environmental awareness. The end user in seeking to reap the benefits of such technology needs to                  be assured that their suppliers have the experience and knowledge to deliver the best available and most efficient solutions to their cooling and heating requirements.
coldroom , chill rooms, freezer rooms, Herbert Levingston Limited, Herbert Levingston electrical, commercial refrigeration, commercial catering equipment, security, alarms, energy, cooling

We can offer a complete solution for all your cooling and heating requirements.

Our experience team can take any project from the design stage right through to final commissioning whether your need is a single road going parcel van or a large industrial cold store.

Our Service Division is staffed by a team of highly skilled and mobile people who have a wide experience of maintaining both new and existing installations.

Should you wish to contact a member of our dedicated team please click on the following link.

Refrigeration Cabinets, commercial refrigeration, Herbert Levingston electrical, Herbert Levingston Limited, commercial catering equipment, security, alarms, energy, cooling

Our full range of Refrigeration Services include:

  • Air Conditioning Systems both Domestic & Commercial
  • Air Handling & Extraction Systems
  • Ice Machines Cube & Flake
  • Butchery & Deli Projects
  • High Efficiency Refrigerated Display Cabinets
  • Remote Refrigeration Plants Delivering from 2KW

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