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Air to Water Heating Systems

With the constant increasing cost of energy, solutions to achieve high efficiency are at the fore front of Research and Development in every industry across the globe.

The results of this research are available in ever more efficient Solar, Air to Water Heat Pump Systems, Air Conditioning,                           Wind Turbines & Photo-voltaic Systems.

Photovoltaic Panels, energy saving heating systems, heat efficient systems, heating control, solar panels, weexford
Photovoltaic Panels

In addition to domestic and commercial new build installations and retrofitting of complete energy efficient heating systems, significant energy savings can be effected by installing energy optimizing equipment such as

Power Factor Correction Systems, Heat recovery, solar panels, energy saving systems, energy lighting
Power Factor Correction Systems
  • LED/ES Bulbs
  • Digital Fans on Refrigeration
  • Forecourt Lighting retrofits
  • LED Panels
  • Motor & Compressor Variable Speed    Drives
  • Power Factor Correction Systems

All of the above solutions are retrofit able to existing premises and systems.

If you would like to review your energy costs please contact Keith Kehoe or James Ennis regarding a Complimentary Energy Audit.

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